We believe in unlocking potential.
Through innovation and focusing on quality, we produce feeds that help farms achieve maximum performance.

Welcome to Marifeed, producers of specialized aqua feeds. Our facility at the southern tip of South Africa produces and trials our range of abalone feeds on our abalone farms. Our feeds are developed in real conditions and we can advise our clients on the best feeding schemes and strategies. Read all our tips on feeding here…



Our accreditation shows that our natural feed is completely traceable through the manufacturing process as well as being made from sustainable components. Take a look at our accreditation here. We ensure that all our staff are given the opportunity to better themselves and their earning potential through the Adult Basic Education and Training programme run by our senior staff. Read about some of the success stories here …


“Marifeed is situated around the corner from us, so sourcing feed is very easy and quick. Marifeed also delivers readily.”

“I have been dealing with Marifeed for many years and he is always very professional.”

“Delivery on time – any problems handled with care.”

“This company does a lot of research and development, plus good prices.”

“Very good growth rates and yields.”